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World of Popus
XurxoДата: Понедельник, 29.11.2010, 11:41 | Сообщение # 1
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Popus´ World is on the verge of cataclysm and everyone´s gone crazy. Only their fear to be squashed by their great God´s massive finger can save them.

Play the rol of the God of the Popus in this fun game to save them from their madness through 15 completely different levels full of races, labyrinths and strategy games where your ability will be put to the test. Slide your finger (God´s finger) down your iPhone or iPod´s screen and you´ll see Popus run away from it while, without them noticing, you help them face each level´s challenges.

A well-cared for appearance, from fun interactive menus to crazy full screen scenes that describe every action the Popus can do in each level, as well as an enjoyable gameplay adjusted to each of the 15 different Popus and tons of extras waiting to be saved from this frenetic madness that´s attacking the World of Popus.


* Levels *
15 different levels
2 gameplay modes (Normal and Challenge) that enhance your experience to the max.

* Control *
A control system completely new, intuitive and fun in which your finger is the starring.

* Experience *
Each level is completed in a different way. Study the popus behavior and the obstacles along the way to find out what to do in each level. You´ll get better as you go on.

* Characters *
15 collectable Popus for your Popus garden

* Interactivity *
Popus have different ways of dying which you can collect as animated images for your gallery and show to your pals. World of Popus features new GameCenter system and implements a total of 13th achivements... get them all!

* Extention *
Now you have 15 levels but wait and see. Soon levels will increase, Popus´ will grow and you will find out new ways to see them die.

* Languages *
English and Spanish

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